Have you ever had an itching experience that was so intense, you thought something was crawling under your skin? If so, does this itchy, crawly sensation occur repeatedly? You may have a little known visitor called a Demodex mite living in your hair follicles.

Demodex mites are microscopic, clear like glass, and are well-known to eye doctors and veterinarians. Many people who have these mites are miserable, but can't find a health professional who is familiar with them. If you suffer from constant itching of the arms, legs, or scalp, which are the most common areas where the mites are found, you may not have much luck in receiving a proper diagnosis from your family doctor. The mites masquerade as rosacea, allergies, rashes, and skin sensitivities of various types.

An easy way to get the proper diagnosis is to squeeze the oil glands on the face, especially around the nose, and take a look under a microscope, where you'll see the mites swimming around in the body oil. You can also ask your ophthalmologist to test for the mites, as they are commonly found in the eyelashes. If you feel that you have these mites, you can use a shampoo, soap, or other treatment that contains Sea Buckthorn Oil, to get relief. Pure Fresh Solutions, a product line that contains a generous amount of Sea Buckthorn oil, is highly rated for its effectiveness against Demodex mites. The Pure Fresh Solutions products are among the few products that are effective in controlling these mites.